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Crowd Applausing

I offer a number of trainings designed to engage groups in meaningful discussion and reflection. These include:

  • Grant Readiness: What steps does your organization need to take to prepare for up coming grant opportunities? There are a number of steps you can take to make the grant application process more smooth and increase your likelihood of success. This training goes over these steps and participants then complete a grant readiness checklist to determine areas of organization or programmatic development.

  • Grant Writing 101: Your organization and/or program is grant ready and you are looking to submit proposals. How do you find opportunities? How do you assess whether or not an opportunity you qualify for is a good fit? What questions should you expect? This training answers these questions, breaks down the process, and explains the often mystifying world of grant writing.

  • Asset Based Language: In grant writing, and in our daily lives, we write and talk about various sensitive topics including race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender, and sexual orientation. Addressing obstacles and barriers that exist in our society is an important part of the social justice movement, but it can be delicate and may result in missteps - ultimately resulting in a disservices to the very groups we are working to empower. This training is a platform for facilitating conversation around what language your organization uses to describe your work and populations served, providing a safe space to broach questions and perspectives.

  • Board Members and Fundraising: What is your role?: Board members have an important role to play in cultivating relationships with potential funders. This training for your Board explains their role and Board members walk away with clear steps to assist the organization's Development Team in building relationships. 

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