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Potential Funder Research

Finding funders whose priorities align with your organization's mission can be a daunting task. There are tens of thousands foundations in the U.S., as well as corporate and government funding sources.


I research available opportunities that fit the needs of your organization. This list includes:

  • Name and contact information of the potential funders

  • Suggested funding levels

  • Steps for submitting a proposal

  • Due dates

  • Cultivation requirements

  • Any other information that will assist the organization in building a relationship with the funder

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Strategic Fundraising Plan

All too often, organizations invest in creating a list of potential funders only to have the list gather dust. I work with nonprofit organizations to ensure the list is put to good use by creating a Strategic Fundraising Plan. This plan includes:


  • Potential funder list broken down into easy to manage quarterly tasks 

  • Assigned tasks for your organization members

  • Necessary follow-up to ensure the deadlines are met and relationships with funders are being built.

Coworkers plan work
Grant Proposal Planning and Writing

For many, grant writing is a daunting task resulting in confusion and frustration. Some applications have confusing questions, or strict character/word count limits, or little to no guidance as to what information they would like you to submit. In addition, writing a winning grant proposal takes time, focus, and know how. Many of those working for nonprofit organizations struggle to find a quiet space and block of time to write a well-crafted and persuasive proposal.


I will take the frustration out of grant writing by working with your organization to plan, craft and submit a persuasive proposal. 

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Grant Proposal Editing and Review

For organizations on a limited budget, or those who have in house grant writing staff, I offer editing and review services. This includes a brief planning session to decode questions and suggest the approach of the response, editing for grammatical errors and clarification, and any other feedback designed to strengthen the proposal and increase chances of success.

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